About Us

IRFU takes its name from blending the initial letters of IRAN and FULAD with the latter meaning steel in Persian. The company managed to establish this parent industry in Iran in 1963 when the first ever cast-iron radiators were made locally. The 520 shareholders of this colossal industry did mean to localize the technology, train domestic experts and help reinforce the countrys economy.

ISO 9001-2000 and the National Standard Plaque for all the products attest to the incessant, resolute efforts made on the part of the company to promote its technical quality and industrial products in accordance with the know-how of the day. Such a determination bore the sweet fruit of being selected for three consecutive years of 2001, 2002, and 2003 as the Top Manufacturing Unit by Iran Standard and Industrial Research Institute. Adding to the national achievements of IRFU, its noteworthy that its managing-director was also awarded as the top mechanical engineer and metallurgist of the country for three years.
leading name in foundry and thermal industries. Enjoying forty years of brilliant experience along with the latest scientific technologies in the world, IRFU stands as one of the greatest companies designing and manufacturing cast articles, heating products, and industrial machinery both in Iran and the region.